Shanghai Jie poly 95 international training after two years of rapid development, has reached a long-term strategic cooperation and international top fitness training certification institutions, and domestic and foreign well-known top trainers to sign long-term training courses, our direction is to maintain the same field and international development.
Partner enterprise type:
The domestic and foreign well-known brands of domestic and foreign well-known fitness equipment, fitness training institutions, domestic and foreign occupation fitness certification institutions, domestic and foreign well-known fitness clubs, domestic and foreign well-known Internet media company, well-known brand of health industry.
Cooperation process:
Please click online consultation, we have professional network service to provide you a detailed answer please cooperation matters, matters submitted: submit your personal or company contact and cooperation in the online, will be the first time to contact you after we receive.
We look forward to working with more well-known enterprises to achieve long-term strategic development cooperation, sharing of resources, exchange of information, exchange of you and me, and common development and progress.



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