About us
About us

JITA 95 Jie International Training Institute (JITA) is one of the leading Chinese fitness training school, five thousand years of Chinese people, the body for the soul, school since the school has always with top international training institutions for product development and the new curriculum are introduced, and made great contributions to the development of the fitness industry China. And hand in hand with the industry on a regular basis to organize exchanges and seminars, and practical training ideas and combat effectiveness of the pursuit of everyone.

Name meaning:

JITA Quartet, poly Quartet culture, gather the essence of the field, to cultivate more than the industry's outstanding talent, in order to do a good job, to do good work to maintain the industry's leading position,

Enterprise idea:

In order to combat training as the dominant ideology, vigorously carry out the delegate to fish than giving the strategic thought of training annually, regularly organize large-scale combat training and sustainable development of nature, so that the domestic fitness club to mature and stable, so far we have been successful for many domestic furniture Club investors, managers and coaches to give the nature of combat training, after the training can quickly adjust the operating status of the club, so the club fully recognized the benign development, consistent evaluation for most practical training institutions

Enterprise purpose:

All rivers run into sea of tolerance, not for the purpose of college competition, my purpose is to door fitness services industry.

Enterprise mission:

Efforts and the state to maintain the same, to promote universal fitness meaning, training more excellent fitness professionals, to help more people in the body of fitness services to transport and services to help people in need.

Business objectives:

Stable and rapid development, continue to maintain the leading domestic first-line well-known training institutions brand awareness.


Achievement of every career dream to be engaged in the fitness coach

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