Pain Rehabilitation Certification



Course Outline and Principle:


Pain Rehabilitation Program: soft tissue and bone as the operation target, combined with various treatment and Western techniques of traditional Chinese medicine philosophy and methods of pain, improve a variety of chronic pain myogenic fundamentally.

In today's era, long desk, pain and lack of exercise appear more and more, the pain is almost everyone who are pure in serious problems, as long as the body to local treatment and care, patients have pain, but as professional personal trainer profession, in the members of the club have been simple exercise to lose weight is to increase muscle in their body, even including ourselves, have pain problems, how to effectively treat the pain of it? DMSS dream flight instructor with 10 years of hard study and work practices, the integration of a fast and effective method of treatment is an essential modern methods of treating pain. In the heart of several major cities in the north of Guangzhou, a health club has put this effective pain treatment method developed into a private education specialty products, membership effect, improve professional coach, the club brand influence improve, this is the stable development important The essential


Courses effect and improve the problem:


Treatment of common migraine, tinnitus, sore throat, insomnia, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, shoulder all kinds of pain, upper back pain, shoulder area pain, pain around the spine, chest-abdominal area pain, pelvic pain at the lumbar spine, hip and buttocks lower extremity joint pain, sciatica, numbness, etc., including myalgia point therapy, soft tissue injury rehabilitation, neck and back pain and other common systemic rehabilitation


Training Learning Outline:


First day: Course content around the head and neck pain [rehabilitation]

Detailed function of head and neck nerves, muscles, bones and other anatomical

Pain and Rehabilitation Analysis Principle

Head and neck pain and a detailed assessment

Soft tissue of head and neck pain rehabilitation techniques and practices operating head and neck rehabilitation stretching technique operations

Head and neck motion mode adjustment function

The next day: [course content around the back of the shoulder blades, shoulder pain different rehabilitation]

Scapula and shoulder joint function in detail nerves, muscles, bones and other anatomical

Scapular and shoulder pain and rehabilitation Principle Analysis

Shoulder pain and shoulder portion and a detailed assessment

Scapular area stretching rehabilitation technical operations

Scapular motion mode adjustment function

Day Three: Course content [spine care, lumbosacral pain rehabilitation, around the hips, hip and leg]

Lumbosacral region detailed functional nerve, muscle, bone and other anatomic

Lumbosacral pain analysis and rehabilitation principles

Shoulder pain and shoulder portion and a detailed assessment

Lumbosacral region stretching rehabilitation technical operations

Lumbosacral region soft tissue pain rehabilitation techniques

 Day four :Course content Planner Fitness Personal Training Sales

Pain Rehabilitation personal trainer must-sales technical certification = Fitness Planner



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