Ten million private education training





Fitness investors

Fitness professional managers

Fitness Professional Trainer

Gyms Managers

Fitness personal trainer

Other managers .......


Course content


The first day content



1. Modern private teaching job What is their own: the value of all points in the current circumstances - the image of the bedding - bedding program - venue bedding - bedding colleagues - members of bedding - Tools bedding ...

2. Modern private education performance allocation and growth

Private education planning time each day

Learn to analyze resources

Promotion and Role of Special Course

Importance of cooperation

in the afternoon

3. Modern private education if phased lifting capacity

Cognitive personal training role / importance

Understand the development of the industry - the driving force

PT workload planning

Personal Training Skills Planning

4. How modern coach phased upgrade their earnings.

For process control

Performance evaluation stage

Guests maintenance

How to learn to summarize


The next day content


1. How to manage modern coach - execution.

Managers work - Practical

Stage Summary - Executive

Personnel control - Mode

Long-Term Planning / short-term plans - effect

in the afternoon


2. How is the club's earnings growth - model adapted to local conditions - objective planning

Performance Source - activities targeting people - Promotion

Establish a brand - value products use - Efficiency Teamwork - Mode

3. How managers increasing their ability -A-B-C-D

Manager Responsibilities - clearly Manager Job - Analysis

Careers - Target Analysis - Summary - Cooperation


Day three Content


RX part:

1) What is the RX

2) RX role

3) How do RX

4) RX performance allocation

in the afternoon

The latest upgraded version pos system processes

1) What is the latest upgraded version of POS


2) of the latest POS

3) How do POS

4) pos-site p single practical technology

5) assign importance POS performance


Day four Content


Currently a second and third tier cities in different pattern analysis.

POS mode and Traditional mode only difference is what?

Why do you learn POS performance still can not lift?

In the end what POS mode, you really know?

Traditional POS mode and how to combine?

Fitness training personal trainers how to choose?

Improve the performance of the club in the same time how to improve services?

in the afternoon

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