NSCA Personal Trainer Certification




What NSCA that?


NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association)

Is the National Association of Physical abbreviation. The association was founded in 1978, it is a global body fitness most authoritative professional, with a membership of nearly 30,000. Certificate issued its been recognized by 54 countries worldwide. NSCA members from sports experts in the medical field, including doctors, university professors, researchers, kinematics experts, rehabilitation therapists, sports trainers and so on. NSCA's aim is to develop and apply the most effective and appropriate training methods, and constantly improve and enhance the physical fitness of professional standards, in order to maintain long-term fitness of the world leader in the field.

NSCA-CPT international registration certificate and personal trainer physical training expert examination CSCS registration certificate, now has launched in more than 60 countries and regions. Its authority is the domestic market and other fitness certificate within professional sports circulation can not be compared. After passing the examination, you will receive a certificate issued by the Credentials Committee NSCA. Certificate number can NSCA's official website can be queried. Thirty years, NSCA reason why you can longevity, physical training leader training areas, relying on a strict licensing system. NSCA promised not to any failure of a student issue certificates to ensure the quality of the certificate. Therefore, the certificate is by far the world's most authoritative body fitness practitioners certificate.


NSCA-CPT (Certification Personal Trainer)


Understanding Certificate:

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA - CPT) certification in 1993, was developed. It is designed for those professionals in a variety of environments (including health / fitness club, health centers, schools and the customer's address, etc.), to provide one service set up. Exam candidates will fully examine the relevant knowledge and skills, including sedentary habits like exercise and personal training clients and have special training requirements.

Entry requirements:

To 18 years of age

Exam content:

Sports science foundation, private teaching psychology, customer consultation and health assessment, exercise prescription in special populations (children, pregnant women, the elderly), health groups (high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes) exercise prescription, resistance, flexibility cardiovascular training techniques, fitness facilities design and management.


NSCA-CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditionging Specialist)


Understanding Certificate:

Get physical training expert (CSCSs) certified professionals, able to use scientific knowledge to improve athletic performance for athletes to develop a scientific plan to provide guidance on nutrition and fitness programs injury prevention. 1985 NSCA created the physical trainer (CSCSs) professional certification program. Today, more than 21,000 professionals with different academic and professional backgrounds to the certificate. CSCS is the only agency through the National Board for Certification (NCCA) accreditation certificate of fitness experts.

Entry requirements:

University graduate degree in public institutions recognized clinical massage therapist.

College Seniors can also take CSCS exam, but must be registered at a recognized institution.

University high school students can also take CSCS exam, but must now be added to a public institutions.

For college seniors before obtained the diploma, NSCA will not release their test scores.

Exam content:

Muscles, respiratory system and the structure and function of the cardiovascular system, exercise training energy production, bio-mechanics, training, response and adaptation, measurement and evaluation, speed development and plyometrics, strength training and free weight training equipment technology, aerobic training and interval training program, resistance training exercise prescription, concept and application of sports nutrition




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